Sparkling opens a film studio in Central District

The creative space meets the growing needs of companies for the production of live events, training and video podcasts. Sparkling inaugurates its brand new studio: a 2000 sq. ft. space at the corner of Chabanel and St-Laurent streets, specifically equipped to meet the new needs of companies and organizations in video production. As the need […]

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Manifesto Video

Table of contents What is a video manifest? Are manifestos really useful? The ingredients of a good video manifest The clichés of the video manifestos 10 examples with one or more clichés 4 manifestos from Montreal agencies My top 18 brand manifestos in video What is a video manifest? Manifesto videos are in high demand […]

What I publish is great, so why don’t you like it?

“My content is really very good, very fair, very perfect, but does not elicit any reaction” Why is this? The answer is very rational and the solution almost ridiculous. Warnock’s Dilemma In the early days of Web discussion forums, a computer scientist named Bryan Warnock speculated about the lack of response to a message in […]