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Sparkling is the partner and producer of the live summits for the Rendez-vous de la création de contenu.

Since 2022, Sparkling has played a key role in the production of Rendez-vous de la création de contenu, orchestrating five major summits that have captured the attention of thousands of marketing communications professionals. Each summit is meticulously orchestrated from our studio, enabling our team to guarantee impeccable, high-quality broadcasts. We take care of the entire broadcast platform, ensuring smooth event management and optimal interaction with participants.

Sparkling Summits have distinguished themselves by their ability to attract hundreds of attendees per event, demonstrating our ability to engage a broad audience and deliver content that resonates with industry professionals. These events are fast becoming must-sees for those seeking to stay at the cutting edge of best practice and innovation.

Our main mission through these summits is to educate and inform as many professionals as possible, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge. Each event is designed to push back the frontiers of knowledge and encourage innovation among participants, enabling them to remain competitive in an ever-changing industry.

Sparkling’s commitment to these initiatives illustrates our dedication to the advancement of the industry and our ability to orchestrate events that not only educate, but also inspire. Our expertise in virtual event management is a testament to our leadership and innovation in content creation.

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At Sparkling, our mission is to create content that hits the mark and works, enabling our partners to achieve their goals.

We've just launched the campaign and the internal reception is PHENOMENAL. Every team wants its capsule. On a more personal note, I'd like to thank you for your professionalism and the quality of your work. Seeing you go has inspired me! Thank you for making our teams shine so brightly.


CIUSSS de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal

We loved our experience with Sparkling Studio! Professional service, friendly decor, incredible technical support and a dynamic team! We felt confident about holding our web event, and it was a great success.



The welcome and professionalism of the team, combined with the convivial space and the professional set-up, made me feel so at ease! I loved entertaining our guests at Sparkling. Perfect animation experience!


ACEE Québec

Working with you really took us away from what we'd experienced before.


Témiscamingue RCM

Wow! Personally, I think it's very good, it gives you chills.


Audition Québec

We loved working with Sparkling! The team's support, professionalism and dynamism enabled us to organize a wonderful event with complete peace of mind. Many thanks!


O2 Coaching

You're more organized than civil engineers!


Charlevoix-Est RCM

My collaboration with the Sparkling team was marked by their attentiveness to the needs of the project and their adaptability. They helped me design a unique campaign, managing the planning, coordination and editing of the three video vignettes with efficiency. During the shoot, their professionalism in managing the participants and directing the project contributed to a final result that exceeded expectations.