Financial planning training for the IQPF

Content production

Studio shooting

Training production

Created in 1989, the mission of theInstitut Québécois de la Planification Financière (IQPF) is to protect the public in matters of personal finance, by training financial planners and setting standards of professional practice.

To mark the annual Financial Planning Week 2021, the IQPF wanted to honor financial planners by offering the general public online training on financial planning. The idea was to give everyone access to the basics of financial planning, so as to be prepared for all eventualities (death, marriage, bankruptcy, etc.).

Sparkling’s brief was to produce 14 video vignettes, ranging in length from 7 to 14 minutes, on a variety of subjects that have an impact on everyday financial life.

The Mission


Writing scenarios


Capsule turning


Editing and animating videos

1. Meet the trainers

After validating with the IQPF the topics they wanted to cover in the 14 capsules, we had to write the different scenarios. We then scheduled virtual meetings with each of the IQPF’s target stakeholders.

Accompanied by Mélissa Gilbert, financial planner at IQPF, we spoke with 7 financial planners about the elements and concepts to be developed in each capsule. These meetings were also recorded, so that we could access the information more easily as part of our editorial process.

2. Capsule shooting

Once the scripts had been validated and sent to the speakers, it was time to prepare for the shoot. 🎥

So we started preparing the set and the control room in our studio.

The special feature of this shoot was that it took place in two different sets, one for the speakers and one for the animator.

Her role was to provide a little context, as well as more detailed explanations of certain points. This made the capsules more dynamic and interactive.

3. Capsule assembly

For the final rendering, we wanted something dynamic and colorful. We therefore worked with a graphic designer, who created the opening and closing credits that appear in each of the capsules.

Finally, to make the capsules as entertaining as they are dynamic, we’ve added additional information to the on-screen content, whether text or icons.

To view the capsules and learn more about financial planning, visit

The advantage of doing business with us for your training is that it’s a turnkey project. Please contact us.

Listeners were invited to enter the advent calendar competition to win a tasting set including the four mint creams, cut glasses and Christmas sweets. A live tasting also took place on CKOI and Rythme 102.9 a week before Christmas.

Our partners confirm it

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We've just launched the campaign and the internal reception is PHENOMENAL. Every team wants its capsule. On a more personal note, I'd like to thank you for your professionalism and the quality of your work. Seeing you go has inspired me! Thank you for making our teams shine so brightly.


CIUSSS de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal

We loved our experience with Sparkling Studio! Professional service, friendly decor, incredible technical support and a dynamic team! We felt confident about holding our web event, and it was a great success.



The welcome and professionalism of the team, combined with the convivial space and the professional set-up, made me feel so at ease! I loved entertaining our guests at Sparkling. Perfect animation experience!


ACEE Québec

Working with you really took us away from what we'd experienced before.


Témiscamingue RCM

Wow! Personally, I think it's very good, it gives you chills.


Audition Québec

We loved working with Sparkling! The team's support, professionalism and dynamism enabled us to organize a wonderful event with complete peace of mind. Many thanks!


O2 Coaching

You're more organized than civil engineers!


Charlevoix-Est RCM

My collaboration with the Sparkling team was marked by their attentiveness to the needs of the project and their adaptability. They helped me design a unique campaign, managing the planning, coordination and editing of the three video vignettes with efficiency. During the shoot, their professionalism in managing the participants and directing the project contributed to a final result that exceeded expectations.